Francois Lettelier

François Letellier

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Abstract of the presentation

Due to the economies of scale that are naturally achieved on information goods and because of huge network effects, commoditization of infrastructure software has dramatic consequences at the macroeconomic level. Incepted for ethical reasons, the FOSS movement thrived as a pragmatic and economically efficient way to carry on software commoditization while avoiding some unwanted effects of the traditional software publishing model. However, at any given point in time, commoditization does not operate on the totality of the software stack. Close-source solutions complement commodity FOSS with very specific features of significant added value. Around these open and close source solutions, companies of all sizes have opportunities to develop profitable business models. The open-source process also brings externalities such as opportunities for economical development based on services at a local scale and technology independence, which match the requirements for citizen funded public infrastructures. As FOSS reaches the mainstream, the software industry is ready for a new generation of open-source organizations. They would bring together academia, industry, government and individuals and leverage open-standards and the open-source development process to proactively foster the development of business ecosystems where each player could define its own open-source strategy.


François Letellier has a master in computer science and 15 years of experience in software design, engineering and project management. François has been Product Manager in the field of Pharmaceutical EIS/DataWarehouse. He co-founded a software consultancy where he served 5 years as a Project Management Consultant for global corporations like France Telecom and Michelin. François is now appointed by INRIA, the French National Research Center in Computer Science and Automation, to ObjectWeb's Executive Committee and coordinates the consortium communication.

Picture: © INRIA / photo Jim Wallace

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